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  • Do you struggle to identify your goals and lack a clear vision for your future?
  • ​Is it difficult for you to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively and does this hinder your personal and professional relationships?
  • Do you struggle with procrastination?
  • ​Are you often challenged by everyday stress and anxiety? 
  • ​Are you sometimes paralysed with indecisiveness or fear of making the wrong decisions?
If you answered "YES" to any one of these questions - this NLP Masterclass is for you...

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  • How to build instant rapport with anyone you meet in the future with Toby's human profiling system made easy
  • What NLP is and how you can use it to change the negatives to positives and create a fulfilled life 
  • ​How to take control of any negative emotions and turn them into empowering, positive feelings
  • ​Why you do the things you do and how to do more of the stuff that gets the best results
  • ​​The secret to living a life designed by you and how to overcome the obstacles that get in your way 

Meet your NLP tRAINERS!

Toby and Kate McCartney

  • Toby and Kate McCartney are two of just a few ‘NLP Master Trainers’ in the UK!
  • Their programmes are recognised and regulated by one of the most prestigious boards, The Association For Integrative Psychology (AIP). 
  • ​They have trained over 10,000 people in the art and science of NLP over the last 18 years.
  • ​They speak professionally on the subject all over the world.
  • ​Their honesty and light hearted, fun style, is rare and makes learning extremely easy. 
  • ​Toby and Kate integrate NLP into all aspects of their life. The training room, their businesses, family life, and forms a key role in their relationship together.

 What others have said about Toby & Kate's trainings!

  "Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word"

Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word really! I’m so glad to have discovered the wonder that is NLP for so many different reasons and I am very much looking forward to the on-going journey. You guys have such a lovely, warm, genuine and engaging style which puts everyone at ease.I feel like a changed person already and other people have already commented so I look forward to keeping you posted on my adventures and catching up again on the practice groups!
Huge thanks again!
- Dawn Smedley
Business Owner & NLP Coach

  "Profound Changes"

I really feel that profound changes have been made to my sense of self in the foundation courses I have attended, and I am really excited about carrying on with the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses. Many thanks for your help and your understanding – I never feel that any question I ask you will be treated as if it is silly or stupid and I feel that your company is very ethical and caring.
- Diane Win Teacher

  "Many Many Thanks"

Lots of other things going on as well – volunteering in Cambodia; new IT Consultancy business – FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER I WANT – that’s what I aimed for last year and achieved it! No more working for a Corporate and having someone else decide what happens to me or what I do! Many Many Thanks to the both of you for your support on my NLP journey! More updates to come.
- Mina Vickers
Global Programme Delivery Manager HSBC

  "I Did It"

As I plan my next goals on the NLP journey I wanted to share my “I did it” with you. Do you remember my Sales Mastery Modelling Project and the outcome included in there – to achieve my personal annual sales target in 6 months. I did it in 6 months and 2 weeks!!!!!!!! So just wanted to share this with you as without your support it would not be possible, and of course I want to show off at work all my certificates and say that this is what I was spending my free time on and incorporate my project in Sales Coaching training at work.Huge thanks again!
- Iwona Karlo, Life-Coach

  "Resonates wonderfully"

Toby and Kate, you were unbelievable. The week still resonates wonderfully with me every day and will for the rest of my life. I am a beautifully enhanced human being. Your style of training is warm, embracing, and to the point. People listen when you speak. The two of you have an amazing rapport, with each other and with everyone who comes into contact with you. I felt so attached to the two of you I felt sad to leave!
- Michael Green, Partner, KPMG


I was stuck in a desert where everything was appealing, but nothing would scream ‘dream career’ to me. Now it’s clearer, thanks to you. It was a pleasure to meet you and to feel your energy and passion for your career. You are truly inspiring!
- Laura Cota
Lawyer, Mediator
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